Making or Breaking An Article – 5 Tips On Publishing Content


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When reading content, regardless if published in an e-book or on the internet, as a blog or an company website, our unconscious brain scans it and decides very quickly if we like what we read or not.
Not only WHAT we read makes our unconscious brain decide if we enjoy it or not, but its READABILITY influences us as well with aspects such as font, font size and text color, just to name a few samples.

This sounds very logical, but there are still countless websites which make rookie mistakes.

Processing Fluency is the ease with which information is processed and basically means how easily the brain processes information.

Research has revealed that it is vital that a text can be processed easily and quickly. Subconscious levels in our brain influence our behavior based on how we experience reading content. The easier it is for us to read it, the more positive we feel about it. When something is familiar, it is easy to process, and it is given a higher value.

Therefore, stick to the following rules when publishing web content:

  1. Select an easily readable font, for example Arial or Verdana.  Bear in mind that website visitors often scan texts. To make these texts easily readable, stick to these fonts with font size 12
  2. Keep in mind your target audience; if they are seniors, increase the font size or at least enable them to increase it
  3. Verify that the text color has adequate contrast with the background. Make sure that the text can be read easily on the background of your site
  4. Be gentle using various colors in the same text, underlining and capitalizing words. If used excessively, it can have quite a disturbing effect
  5. Use bullets and ensure that there is ample spacing between words and paragraphs. It contributes to the readability of a text as well

Good luck and keep it simple!


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To Bid or Not To Bid On It – The Bitcoin

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The Bitcoin as a new payment concept can be pretty intimidating as its perception is still quit new. Developed in 2008 by techies, this digital form of money is considered by many people as an overrated techno-bubble. Fact is that its value swings volatility,  has the ability to be used anonymously and might be acquired through illicit transactions.

Bitcoins “pro’s” defense the Bitcoin by saying that the Bitcoin is not any riskier than accepting cash as that can’t be traced either and its usage preserves the client’s privacy.

Some companies and professionals gradually start to accept the Bitcoin as an official payment method, e.g.  David Aylor’s Law Offices reported last year that it had accepted a client’s payment in the form of Bitcoins. That transaction represented the first publicly recorded Bitcoin payment made in the United States for legal services.

Dutch lawyers do not have this freedom of choice; they were officially notified earlier this month that “this regulation applies to all (Dutch) lawyers”. So for the time being, Dutch lawyers bite the dust, not the Bitcoin.

I guess it is for the best as with a Bitcoin you might be able to buy today a bottle of Coca Cola and next week a fancy yacht…

Bitcoin rollercoaster

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Read more about the legal aspect of the Bitcoin here.

Rushing Through Life; Enjoy It Or Stress Out

Do you know the feeling that:

  • Your day is too short? There are not enough hours in a day?
  • You hardly are able to cross off action items from your have-to-do list?
  • You add new action items to your to-do list faster than you are able to them cross off?
  • You go to sleep with the feeling that you hardly had any time for yourself?
  • Do you wonder where time did “go”?

Looking around us, we see people rushing and hardly taking the time to look and smell the coffee. It almost looks as if we are in a never-ending (and winning) race against the clock and that we are in competition with ourselves and others to get more things done in a shorter time.

No, you do not imagine it; it does happens which is sad.
We all need to work (at least most of us) but in this race against the clock, it is so easy to forget about ourselves, our own needs and to enjoy the process of our daily routine.

You might not be able to change WHAT you are doing but you can definitely change (with some practice) HOW you are doing it!

Take a step back, try to view yourself through the eyes of a stranger or camera, observe and conclude what you would like to see this person (you) do differently.
It is difficult to change habits, but if you succeed to alter your attitude towards your overcrowded life style, you will experience that you enjoy your life far more. It will give you internal rest and because of that, less stress. Your mental and physical condition will improve and you will start to feel better and content with yourself.

The people around you will feel it and it makes your being-around more pleasant.

Therefore: take the time to “observe” yourself, take small steps in changing your habits. You will see that over time, you will not only gain more time but also win “big time”.


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Peace Talks – A Cat and Mouse Game

peace talks

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Earlier this week Israel freed 26 Palestinian prisoners as part of the US-brokered peace talks prior to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s planned visit to the Middle East region.
The release incited ecstasy among Palestinians, who welcomed the prisoners back into the West Bank and Gaza Strip after extended periods of imprisonment.

But as John Kerry prepared himself for his 10th visit to the region since March 2013, the peace talks are overshadowed by an anticipated announcement to be made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government with regards to further settlement constructions in East Jerusalem and the settlements. The publication is expected to infuriate the Palestinians as well as the international community, challenging Kerry and both sides to agree on a final settlement within the set timeframe of April 2014.

“We will not sign a final peace deal with Israel until all the prisoners are released,” pledged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the prisoners and their families.

Netanyahu’s replied “Peace can only exist when the education for incitement is stopped; only when the education for the disappearance of Israel and the glorification of terror is stopped.”

Peace is something you make with your enemies, not your friends.

Israel has signed peace treaties before with neighboring countries:  Egypt–Israel (1979) and Jordan–Israel (1994).
It is about time that this ongoing and blood shedding conflict comes to an end!!

Hard negotiations and a heavy prize is ought to be paid by both parties in order to solve the numerous disagreements about borders, security, refugees and Jerusalem but it is a MUST, for this generation and the ones to come.

“One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means”.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jaunt For Israeli Parliament Members, With A Sour Tang


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On 27.01.2014 an impressive large delegation of Israeli ministers and other Israeli members of parliament (Knesset) will fly with two specially chartered airplanes to Poland for the attending of the International Remembrance Day of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camps.

Without any doubt, this is an important event from a historical and educational perspective, which should be covered by the media and attended by representatives of the Israeli government and Israel’s president, Mr. Peres, but why spend close to 1 million shekels for this “jaunt” for almost 300 people? OK, some of the money comes from fundraising, especially collected for this goal and only (!) close to 70 parliament members and a large number of ministers (over half the Knesset) will travel, but still…

Why pretend by attending this Remembrance Day that the Israeli government “cares deeply” for the survivors and wants to remember this horrible period, while on the other hand that same government refuses to allocate additional funds for the few survivors left at home (Israel)?

For years the Holocaust survivors in Israel need to prove their personal suffering and loss in order to receive a small pension which is far smaller than many other Holocaust survivors living outside of Israel receive from e.g., the German government as compensation. They struggle on a daily basis to survive; to pay their bills and enjoy their well-deserved Golden Years.

So, why not reduce the number of attendees for this event and reallocate the “saved” money to the survivors still alive in Israel?

It is our and the Israeli government’s commitment to pamper this generation for the rest of their few remaining years they still have to live.

So much was taken from them then, let’s give them money and dignity when we still can. It is not (yet) too late!


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Marketing ROI – Feasible to Measure?

When reading this article about measuring marketing expenses versus its outcome and (hopefully) profits, you will quickly understand that ROI is not the best way to measure marketing performance. You will also need to accept that questions such as “was my marketing campaign worth the investment?” and “can I measure and verify profit from a marketing campaign?” might remain unanswered.


The reason is simple: there is no correct answer to these questions and moreover, it depends on several factors:

The kind of marketing campaign used (e.g. using coupon redemptions, publishing a white paper on the companies Facebook page, advertisement on television)

* Is it is a “one-time” campaign or “long-term” running campaign stretched out over several months 

* Are you able to accurately measure the cost of marketing your product and through which marketing campaign your customer buys your product.

In order to know if you can validate the success of your campaign, let me give you some basic information about ROI and how it works.

Return on Investment is a financial term and has an authentic financial formula:  Income Earned – Expenses / Expenses. This simple formula is tricky to apply since there are many components involved. Defining revenue made from marketing efforts requires the correct usage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Through CRM, marketing methods which resulted in a sale, as well as the revenue made from it, can be tracked.

This is not always easy – Let’s look at a few samples:  Coupon redemptions. One of Isracard’s marketing campaigns encouraged buyers to spend above a certain amount at Ikea. Receiving the redemption coupon required the downloading of a coupon code through Isracard’s App. This is a classic example of being able to calculate the investment versus revenue made as the expense of the campaign (television commercial, newspaper ad) is deducted from the income earned (how many products did Ikea sell and at what price) and divided through its overall expenses.

Measuring Online marketing campaigns is not an easy task. When launching a campaign on Social Media Groups, it makes expenses much more difficult to measure. A commonly forgotten expense but a very high one is time. Many times overlooked, dealing with the Social Media is very time consuming.  If you use Online advertising and your goal for example is to drive more traffic to your website than Google Analytics can provide you answers. If this is not your goal, than calculating if the campaign was worth it, becomes almost an impossible task.

Offline  marketing campaigns are probably the most difficult to measure as it requires surveying and statistical sampling in order to accurately evaluate why your customer bought your product.

Having given these samples, another issue when calculation ROI is the expected life-cycle of your product (seasonal versus product running for several years) and how much time you expect it will take to make a sale. Sometimes, it can take months or even years for a product to be developed, marketed and even sold. Trying to calculating this in your ROI is an impossible task!

Conclusion: Trying to calculate your Marketing ROI is important but very difficult. It requires great precision and precise tracking methods in order to capture even moderately good quality data.

Good luck.